ECMTB 2014 - 9th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology 15-19 June 2014

Minisymposia announcement

Here is the list of accepted minisymposia. More information will be added later on, such as the time and place, and links to the detailed programs.
No. Theme Organiser(s) Time Place
1 Clinically Relevant Mathematical Models of Cancer Alexander Anderson Thu, 9-11:30  Runan

Multilocus models in structured populations: migration, selection, and recombination

Simon Aeschbacher, Ludwig Geroldinger

Thu, 9-11:30


Multi-scale Modeling Platforms in Multicellular Systems Biology


Walter de Back, Thomas Sütterlin, Niels Grabe and Andreas Deutsch Thu, 9-13  Ledningsrummet
4 Spatial moment techniques for modelling biological processes Ruth Baker, Matthew Simpson Mon, 14:10-19  Euler

Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases


Barbara Boldin Mon, 16-19  Valdemar
6 Spatio-temporal modelling of gene regulatory networks and intracellular  signalling pathways Mark Chaplain Mon, 16-19 Runan
7 Mathematical Modelling of Retinal Plasticity and Vascularization Hatzikirou H., Chaplain M. and Lolas G. Mon, 11:40-15:30  Ascom
8 Mathematical modelling of biological  regeneration Osvaldo Chara, Lutz Brusch, Andreas Deutsch Mon, 11:40-16:00  Catella

Algebraic methods for biochemical reaction networks

Carsten Conradi Elisenda Feliu and Carsten Wiuf

Tue, 16-19  Euler

Modeling Viral Hepatitis Dynamics: from bench to bedside

Harel Dahari  and Jeremie Guedj  Sun, 12:30-14 & 16-19  Runan

Applications of statistical physics  in quantitative biology


Diana David-Rus and Alexandre V. Morozov 

Sun, 8.45

Mon 9.00

12 Spatio-Temporal Heterogeneity in  Microbial Communities Fordyce Davidson and Christina Kuttler Thu, 9-11:30  Pascal
13 Plant Modelling

Andrés Chavarría-Krauser
Lionel Dupuy
Mariya Ptashnyk

Tue, 11:40-19  Pascal

Zooming in and out: connecting individual and population behavior!speakers/c2st

Jill Gallaher Wed, 11:40-13  Valdemar
15 Game theory in ecology and evolution
Chaitanya S. Gokhale et al

Mon, 9-15:30


Mathematical modeling of Genetic and Biochemical Circuits

Didier Gonze and Evgeny Volkov

Tue, 16-19  MV:F21

Data-driven modeling of epidemics

Stefan Engblom Tue, 11:40-15:30  AScom

Stochastic processes of mutation,  selection and growth in cancer: models and data

Marek Kimmel Tue, 11:40-15:30  Runan

Recent advances in the mathematical  modeling of glioma progression and invasion

Alvaro Köhn-Luque
Haralambos Hatzikirou
Jacob Scott 
Andreas Deutsch

Tue, 14:10-19  Catella

Modeling Microbial ecosystem using  (Meta-)Omic data

Beatrice Laroche and Sophie Schbath

Mon, 16-19  MV:H12

Numerical methods for high-dimensional problems in biology

Shuohao Liao and Tomas Vejchodsky Mon, 16-19  Catella
22 Lymphangiogenesis in Tumours and Inflamation: From Myth to Reality Georgios Lolas, Yihai Cao and Mark Chaplain. Thu, 9-13  MV:F31

Mathematical modelling of stem cell renewal and differentiation

Anna Marciniak-Czochra Mo, 17-19  MV:F21
24 Immuno-epidemiological models Andrea Pugliese, Odo Diekmann

Thu, 9-13

25 Community evolution Jörgen Ripa Mon, 11:40-15:30  MV:H12
26 Mathematical modeling of tumor immunology and therapy Mark Robertson-Tessi Wed, 11:40-13  Ledningsrummet
27 Spatial Models in Cancer Biology

Jana Gevertz, Marc Ryser, Jasmine Foo, and Kevin Leder

Thu, 9-13

28 Understanding the metastatic cascade in cancer: insights from mathematical models Jacob Scott and Philp Gerlee Mon, 11:40-15:30  Pascal
29 Modeling of Protein Aggregation and Transmission in Amyloid Diseases Suzanne Sindi and Marie Doumic Tue 16-19  Ascom
30 Mathematical Multiscale Modeling of  Cancer Cell Migration
Christian Stinner, Christina Surulescu Mon, 16-19  Ascom
31 Sensitivity and robustness in regulatory networks Ronny Straube Mon, 16-19  Ledningsrummet

Collective motion of about 100 particles

Daniel Strömbom, David Sumpter Wed, 11:40-15:30  Runan

Modeling Development, Homeostasis and Disease of Tissues Using the Cellular Potts Model (CPM)

Maciej Swat Wed, 11:40-15:30  Pascal

Developing Multi-Cell Developmental and Biomedical Virtual-Tissue Simulations  using CompuCell3D - Tutorial

Maciej Swat Sat, 9-19  Pascal
35 Current Mathematical Modelling of Cyclic Populations Rebecca Tyson Sun, 16-20  Cat:ella
36 Rapid adaptation to novel environments Hildegard Uecker Thu, 9-12  MV:H11
37 Patterning and evolution of biological surfaces Chandrasekhar Venkataraman et al. Mon, 14:10-19  MV:F26
38 Mathematical Modeling at the Cellular and Tissue Levels Fred Vermolen et al. Sun, 16-19  Pascal
39 Blood Flows and Applications Adelia Squeira, Vitaly Volpert Sun, 9-13  Valdemar

Unifying Evolutionary Theory: Connecting Adaptive Dynamics, Population Genetics & Quantitative Genetics

Helene C. Weigang Sun, 16-19  Ascom
41 Position-jump models of biological processes on irregular lattices Christian Yates and Ruth Baker Sun, 16-19  Valdemar
42  Modeling and simulation in pharmaceutical discovery  Lars Carlsson  Mon, 16-19  Pascal


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