ECMTB 2014 - 9th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology 15-19 June 2014


  • Sebastian Schreiber's just uploaded his plenay talk.

  • Some collected photos from the conference can be found here!
    If you have some photos of your own, we would love to upload them at that folder as well. Please mail me at

  • Midsummer Celebration on Friday June 20 for pre-registered participants: Please find detailed information here below.
  • If you have not pre-registrered for the Midsummer Celebration but still want to celebrate, you can go to a public celebration on your own. Information about this can be found here.

Friday, June 20, 11:30-16:30

We are 200 participants from ECMTB who have pre-registered to the midsummer celebration at Gunnebo House and Gardens. We will go by bus to Gunnebo situated 30 minutes outside Gothenburg. This traditional midsummer celebration is a public event with approx. 5000 people and includes dancing around the maypole, flower wreath binding and folk music performances.


Pickup by bus at 11.30 from Chalmers meeting point excursion buses (see map in final programme).

The buses will drop you off at Kristinedal which is a 15 minutes’ walk to Gunnebo.

Return trip:    

The buses will pick you up again at 15:30 at Kristinedal (50m from where you were dropped off), so you are back at Chalmers at 16:00.

Entry fee:       

The entry is free for the pre-registered ECMTB participants. So remember to bring your ECMTB name badge!


We expect quite nice weather, but bring clothes to be outside.

Food & beverage:

We recommend you to bring your own picnic.

Food and beverage can also be purchased in Gunnebo at your own expences. They serve a variety of certified organic food. There will be food stands with sandwiches, coffee and bakery (approx. 50 SEK), barbeque (approx. 80 SEK) and a restaurant where they serve the Gardeners buffet (155 SEK).

Please bring cash with you, they do not accept credit cards and have no ATM machine nearby!

Public transportation:

In case you need to return from Gunnebo before 15:30, you can take the public transportation to Gothenburg every 15 minutes (trip takes 30 minutes). See detailed timeplan.

  • There is now a detailed big-character poster (大字报, dazibao) of todays parallel schedule (including the minisymposia) on the wall opposite the information desk.


  • Information on the meeting points for the Wednesday afternoon excursions.

  • Opening cermony, Sunday June 15 at 14.00 in Runan, Chalmers.
    - Two traditionally Swedish summer songs (Nu grönskar det and Uti vår hage), Jenny Aspström and Anders Karlsson
    - Andrea Pugliese, President of ESMTB
    - Elisabet Ahlberg, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Gothenburg
    - Conference opeining, Karin Markides, President of Chalmers University of Technology
    - Opening songs, Josefin Lidén
    - A prize annoncement from Springer Verlag, Eva Hirpi

    - The first plenary, Mathisca de Gunst,  starts 14:30, chaired by Peter Jagers

  • 'Just a reminder: For taxi, the rates can vary hugely, thus be careful and use only the following taxi companies:
    Taxi Göteborg: +4631650000
    Taxi Kurir: +4631272727
    Minitaxi: +4631140140
  • For those of you how will have own talks coming up, please get your presentations downloaded into the dedicated laptop in the lecture room well ahead – that is at least 10 minutes - of the start of the session (or make sure your laptop is charged and is compatible with the beamer), so we all can spend as much time with scientific questions – rather than about computer hassle.